September 13 Meeting

The CPA4Norwood Committee met at 59 Beech Street at 7:30 to discuss future events and promote the Community Preservation Act leading up to the November election.
The Norwood Planning Board will host an informational meeting on October 12th at 7:30 PM at the Norwood Civic Center. It is open to the public.
John Hall will represent the Pro side for the ballot question at the League of Women Voters meeting presentation of candidates and issues. The date has not been announced.
A presentation at the Senior Center will be scheduled close to the election date.
Lawn signs and bumper stickers are available and a preliminary date for the middle of October for starting the sign campaign was discussed.
A number of misconceptions about the act have been voiced and the ability to address those was discussed. One of the most common is that rental property will have to pay the commercial rate, but this isn’t true. The 1% is based on the actual tax rate paid.
The next meeting will be held October 6 at 7:30PM at 59 Beech Street.

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